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Ocean Whaler

The magnificent 5.65m Ocean Whaler with a 90hp Mercury 4 stroke engine it’s all you could ask for in a luxury small craft boat hire.


A multi purpose open boat that handles well in a variety of conditions and has unsurpassed stability and function.


Kayak Hire @ Mercy Point, Shoalwater Island and Rockingham Beach.
Between 1st Oct 2020 and 30th Apr 2021

Have Trailer - Can Travel

All Rockingham Boat Hire’s boat’s are on trailers and can be towed wherever you want to go.
Leaving you free to plan a boating holiday anywhere in WA.

Put in - Take out Service

If you’d rather the boats already in the water and ready to go, for an additional fee we offer a Put in, Take out service for your convenance.


A Little About Us

Boat owners and enthusiasts for over 30 years, Baden & Alison know that the initial outlay of a boat is not within everyone’s reach, then there’s the ongoing costs involved in owning your own boat. Which can make a very expensive lawn or shed ornament if it’s hardly being used, except for the occasional weekend or holiday.

We noticed a gap in the market for boats on trailers that people could take to their destination of choice anywhere in WA. So, Rockingham Boat Hire was born!

We want you to enjoy hassle free boating, plus it’s a lot more fun without the hassle and expense of having to own the boat. We aim to keep our prices affordable and competitive, making boating available to more people.

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